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How to Make Tacos at Home

You Can Turn Your Home Into a Taqueria With These Taco Tips

What is the first image that flashes into your mind when you hear “Mexico?” Is it Mexican food? Maybe you imagine delicious tacos? If you have been to Mexico, you may have flashbacks of a taco-vending street stall or a taqueria. Whatever image pops into your mind, if you like Mexico and Mexican food, you better stay on this page to learn how to make the best tacos at home!

Tacos. A Mexican dish consisting of a fried tortilla, typically folded and filled with various mixtures, such as beans, seasoned meat, lettuce, and tomatoes, but what does it take to make the best taco? Check out these 5-easy steps to the best taco you have ever had.

  • The shell. The first step to building a taco is selecting the shell. Hard or soft.
  • Protein. Pork, beef, chicken, or shrimp. Whatever protein you prefer, a taco surely would not be the same without meat.
  • Cheese. Adding the cheese can be crucial to the perfect taco. To make a delicious taco, consider putting cheese on the bottom of the shell to prevent the shell from getting soggy.
  • Add toppings. Do you like sour cream? How about beans? Guacamole? Whatever your favorite taco toppings are, this is the time to throw them on. Top off your taco with your favorite topping to make it all yours.
  • Don’t forget the veggies.  Add salsas and veggies last. Pico de gallo and diced tomatoes can make the taco shell soggy, and putting the lettuce on top prevents it from getting warm.

By following these 5-taco building essentials, you are sure to bite into the best taco you have ever had in your life. Let’s eat!

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