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What Are Kinds of Mexican Food Served in a Food Truck

Popular Kinds of Food Such as Tacos in Food Trucks

One of the most popular types of food trucks, no matter what state you go to, is the one that serves Mexican food. Whether they have a small area where you can dine or just provide to-go food, they can still attract customers. Some of the reasons are their pricing and great-tasting food, such as delicious tacos. It’s something that you want to have over and over again. Here are some of the popular kinds that you will get from Mexican food trucks.


There are so many fillings that you can choose from when it comes to tacos. If you want to get something hearty and filling, you can order the all meat taco. Do you like your Mexican food spicy? You can definitely find a food truck serving a spicy taco. You are a vegetarian or a vegan, you will definitely find a good taco for you. Mexicans are very proud of their taco cuisine.

Corn Salad

Corn is one of the staple food for Mexicans. This is something that you will get from their food truck. You might find them served in different types of dressings, but you will definitely taste its Mexican flavor.


Just like the tacos, empanadas have different fillings too. You can opt for beef, pork, chicken, fish, and vegetables. This is the reason Mexican cuisine is very popular in food trucks. You have a lot of options to choose from even with one kind of food.


You can choose from simple toppings of plain cheese and salsa to elaborate ones. Although they are ideally served as snack or appetizer, the elaborate ones are already considered as a complete dish. Since it already has all the food groups in one plate, people already consider it as a complete meal.

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