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Mexican Dishes You Must Try

Why You Should Indulge in Tacos and Other Mexican Delicacies

Keeping your weight can be a great deal of struggle most especially when you are a food lover. The smell of food coming from a food truck as you are jogging on the street can be very tempting. On your mind, you want to stop and just take a bite of the delectable dish being prepared by the chef. Deep inside you are debating and wrestling with yourself. You are suppressing what your taste buds and stomach is craving because you want to stick to your diet so you can continue to lose weight or maintain it. It is such a struggle. Not to mention, a sad experience. There are actually ways to spoil your taste buds and indulge yourself with scrumptious meals without compromising your diet and one of which is the consumption of Mexican food such as delicious tacos or the dishes described below.

Mexican Burrito

It is a healthy Mexican snack that consists of vegetables, meat, and sauces, wrapped in a cylindrical Tortilla. A burrito is a little bit similar to a taco. The slight difference is only with how these two are wrapped and a bit of the ingredient. A Mexican taco has tomatoes, lettuce, onions, and guacamole, meat, cheese, and sauces in a corn tortilla while a burrito has tomatoes, lettuce, onions, black turtle beans, quinoa, corn, cheese, and cilantro in a wheat wrap. Considering its ingredients, which are mostly vegetables, spices, and protein, it is definitely a healthy snack or meal for any person that is on a diet.

Mexican Nachos

This is another healthy Mexican snack you can enjoy anytime. It has almost the same ingredients as that of the burrito but the only difference is, the ingredients are not wrapped but are placed on top of some nachos, and is served with a cheesy dip.

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