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Looking for Some Mexican Cooking?

What Makes Mexican Dishes Such as Tacos So Great?

Burritos, tacos, or quesadilla — you’re looking for it and a place to just chill and relax, have a good time with some friends or family members, and eat good Mexican food. You’ve got to wonder though, what makes it so tasty? What makes the aroma that wafts from the kitchens make you wish they cooked it faster? Perhaps it’s the authenticity of the ingredients and the care put into the cooking. Whatever reason you have for liking Mexican cuisine, here are not-so-secret reasons why eating it is a great experience.


It’s a fact that if you see fruits and vegetables that display a rich color, chances are you’ll purchase those over the bland haze of fast food. That’s one of the reasons a taco truck a few blocks away from your house usually tastes better than most high-end places.  The wide variety of fruits and vegetables that influenced the tropical colors of the cuisine has definitely made it an irresistible invitation to sit down and order. The blend comes from Pre-Hispanic origins that have influenced the dishes you now enjoy today, as the indigenous Mexicans of centuries past had their recipes introduced into a world where the Spanish traded.


The taste of spices like oregano and cumin, or the perfect combination of garlic and onions are regularly used in Spanish and Mexican cuisine. Anyone who has spent time in Mexico knows that chili peppers are a staple in their meals. The varieties that you come across in the country impact the taste as they are different as their various names, but it is the captivating smell that makes your mouth water. When you taste it, you’re actually having a pleasant experience induced by capsaicin, which activates endorphins for the majority of human brains. There is an exotic and exciting feeling when eating spiced food because it is a completely pleasurable sensory experience.

Whether it’s a restaurant or a food truck, you’re usually having fun eating Mexican dishes. The taste and music and culture where the food comes from is a pleasant respite from a long day when you just want to taste something authentic. If you’re looking for delicious tacos near Sunnyvale, CA, why don’t you drop by Margaritas Taqueria where you’ll fall in love with our food choices? Dial (650) 943-3873 for exceptional food truck services!