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How Would You Know if the Food Truck Service You Are Getting Is Bad

Signs You are Getting a Bad Food Truck Service

Just because they are working in a cramped space inside the truck you will not expect to get the right food. You will still be able to see food trucks who have high regard in the food that they are serving their customers. For you to determine what is a good or bad service, you must be aware of the signs of bad service. Below are the signs that you are getting a bad food truck service.

Food is set out on the counter

Although you cannot expect them to cook the food the moment you order them, the food should not be set out on the counter for a long time. Worse is if the food is out on the counter without any cover. You don’t know how long that food was set out and what it has exposed to.

You are risking your health if you eat that. If it is rush hour, it is only normal that they have food ready. However, if it’s already passed the rush hour, it’s possible that the food in the counter was sold from their food cart.

Meat is not packed the right way

Each type of meat should be packed separately. In fact, you should check how they remove meat from their freezer. If they pull it out in bulk it means they are thawing it out in bulk as well. The meat that will not be cooked will go back to the freezer. This is something that is not supposed to be done in homes, so much more in a food truck service.

Food served at the wrong temperature

Never accept food from a food truck service if it is not at its right temperature. Food that is supposed to be hot should be served hot if it is not longer it means it was already set out for a while. If the food that is supposed to be cold is no longer cold, it must have been set out for a while. You don’t know what the food was exposed to, don’t take the risk of eating the food.

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