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The Types of Tacos That You Need to Know About

Tips From a Trusted Taqueria

When people think of Mexican food, they almost always think of tacos. This isn’t really surprising since these treats pack a lot of punch in terms of flavor and texture and can satisfy your hunger and cravings. However, before you head off to the nearest taqueria, you’ll want to learn more about the taco types that you might encounter. Here are some of the types of tacos that you can choose from:

Carne Asada

Carne asada is one of the most common types of tacos. It’s made with grilled steaks (usually skirt steak), and it’s a favorite among numerous people since it has a familiar flavor with a Mexican twist. If it’s your first time to give tacos a try, or if you want to stick to a classic option, you won’t go wrong with choosing carne asada tacos.

Al Pastor

Tacos al pastor is made with split-grilled pork that closely resembles Lebanese lamb shawarma. The pork is marinated in pineapple, dried chilies, and achiote paste, and the tacos are assembled with ingredients that fuse the flavors of Mexican and Middle Eastern cuisines.


If you follow a pescatarian diet, you’ll want to give tacos de pescado a try. These are made with marinated tilapia and is the perfect alternative for those who love tacos but are looking for non-meat options.


If you’re not a big fan of beef or pork, you’ll want to grab a couple of tacos de camaron! They’re made with shrimp along with garlic, cilantro, and other ingredients, and they’re well-loved by taco and seafood fans.


Made with beef tongue, tacos de lengua might seem like a strange option at first, but it’s actually really tasty. The meat is moist and tender and easily absorbs the flavor of herbs and spices that it’s cooked with, so you can treat your taste buds to a deluge of deliciousness.

These are some of the tacos that you’ll want to try! If you need more tips, or if you’re searching for a reliable taqueria, make sure to reach out to Margaritas Taqueria! We are based in Sunnyvale, CA, and we’re one of the best places to visit if you’re craving for a tasty, flavorful taco. Call us at (650) 943-3873 now